Robin Masters presents:  Tarah Wayne – Grand Theft Auto

Robin Masters presents: Tarah Wayne – Grand Theft Auto

May 8th, 2014

What seemed like a sweet and innocent little girl who just needed a ride turns out to be much much more…

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  1. I guess the morale to this story is that one should never, ever leave the keys in the ignition and walk away from your car, no matter how cute and innocent the passenger is who you were kind enough to offer a ride. Tarah looks so innocent and is attractive, but there seems to be a dark side to her as well, (ha-ha)!

    Tarah’s lucky that she appeared to be driving a newer car that she had ended up stealing. The vehicle did not “act up” on her. Now if she was in any of the regular cars featured at PTP – the Bug, Bus, Volvo, Coronet, Jeep or Monte Carlo her having stolen any of those particular vehicles might not have gone so smoothly. After all in recent vids posted we’ve seen Dirty Diana have the Jeep repeatedly stall out on her while trying to beat the rain home as well as Damara have problems when the Bug unexpectedly died on her in the middle of the road. Damara never was able to get the VW re-started in that vid, flooding out the carburetor beyond hope. Dirty Diana also had unexpected problems with the Bug in a vid posted several weeks ago. Unlike Damara, she got lucky and was able to re-start the often temperamental Bug after it unexpectedly stalled out on the road.

    I believe that this cute, young lady Tarah was also in a Robin Master’s vid several months ago when during the course of her baby-sitting duties she decided to take the parents’ car out for a joyride only to find herself stuck in the mud when she went off of the road. Boy, she is one mischievous young lady! Now, if I were to see her on the side of the road, seemingly abandoned. . . I too might give her a ride. But, I also would NOT let her out of my sight, either! (Ha-ha)!

    Great vid and good acting performance by Tarah. As I said above, let’s see what she can do behind the wheel of the Monte Carlo or Coronet when either car decides to start “acting” up!

  2. Tarah Wayne (RM) Drive Cutlass /Grand Theft Auto / Brown Moccasins & Barefoot / MPG

    Tarah is walking on the side of the road when Robin Masters pulls up besides her asking her if she would like a ride, she says yes and gets in. Robin pulls into a service station too buy something to drink. Robin Masters ask Tarah if she would like something to eat or drink she asks for a Dr Pepper, Robin Masters asks her to wait for him and if she wants to turn on the radio. Wile Robin Masters in buying something to drink. Tarah scoots over to the drivers side backs the car out of it’s parking space and steals Robin Masters car.

    Tarah Wayne is wearing a brown and green top, denim jeans, brown moccasins /w laces. Tarah drives off in Robin masters car, wile this is going on Robing Masters is shooting this video getting a mixture of whole body, upper body and some really great footwell video, at first Tarah drives with her shoes on her feet after a few minutes she slips her moccasins off her feet and drives barefoot for the rest of the video. Tarah isn’t driving that fast she doesn’t want to upset any other drivers and risk having them call the police, that’s all Tarah wants to do a go on a little joy ride.

    As this video ends Robin Masters is getting a great footwell shot of Tarah’s feet as her right foot works the pedals. The End.

    Tarah you did a great driving video you feet look sexy in those moccasins and barefoot. Robin Masters you did a great job shooting this video. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    P.S when you play this video you might have to use the VLC media player my computer has Linux on it when I tried playing this clip in movie player I got an internal error VLC played this clip with out a problem. 🙂

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