Tiffany Driving the Bus – #274

Tiffany Driving the Bus – #274

February 6th, 2013

Tiffany goes for a hard ass driving adventure in the old Bus.  She starts out with some old, worn out flip flops and eventually slips them off to drive aggressively in her bare feet with bright yellow polish on her toes.  She floors the gas pedal a lot, burying it flat into the floor.  She also stalls a few times.

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  1. Tiffany Driving The VW Bus / Flip Flops & Barefoot / Custom # 274 MP4 1080I HD /PIP

    Tiffany is going to drive the bus in a custom HD video she’s wearing a white sleeveless shirt, sun glasses, denim jeans, black flip flops, barefoot. As the video begins Tiffany has her left foot on the brake pedal as she starts the engine she warms it up for close to a minute, now that the engine is warmed up. Tiffany buckles her seatbelt, after doing that she puts the gearshift in reverse she backs the bus out of its parking spot.

    She backs up on what looks like a hill, when Tiffany lets off the brake the bus goes down the driveway. Tiffany puts the gearshift in either first or second gear, she stops at the end of the driveway before she makes a right turn. As Tiffany is shifting gears she gets the rpms up pretty good.

    Shish is in the passenger seat he’s using two HD cameras ones mounted on the windshield with a suction cup getting a whole body shot from her head down to her knees, the other one is under the seat getting footwell video that one is PIP that one is up in the right corner of the screen, after about three or four minutes. Tiffany kicks off her flip flops and works the pedals barefoot, she has yellow toenail polish.

    I can’t remember seeing a woman ever with yellow toenail polish on her toes. Tiffany makes left and right turns, she makes a left turn the engine stalled on her she didn’t know it at the time. Shish had to tell her to restart the engine. She has no trouble restarting the engine she heads back to the house, when she makes a right turn into the driveway at the house the engine stalled again.

    Tiffany has to put her right foot on the brake pedal to keep the bus from rolling back into the street, after getting the engine started back up when she took her foot off the brake pedal the bus rolled back a little bit maybe about a couple of feet at the most it didn’t get into the street. Tiffany puts the gearshift in first goes down the driveway the engine stalled again.

    Shish gets out of the bus. Tiffany has to put her left foot of the brake pedal to keep the bus from rolling she has to give the gas pedal a couple of pumps to get it to start backup after doing that. Tiffany steers the bus and parks it in its parking spot. Shish has Tiffany backup and park it again, Tiffany gets the bus parked just right she shuts off the engine.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Tiffany shuts the engine off she puts the gearshift in gear. The End.

    Tiffany you did a great custom driving video your feet look really sexy in those flip flops and barefoot with yellow toenail polish. Shish your camera work as always great good work. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    P.S who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did. 😀 😀

  2. I told Shish in a personal email a few weeks back after joining PTP about the remarkable facial and body similarity that Tiffany has with the lady and next door neighbor Mrs. G who had so many daily problems starting up her old car back when I was a kid. If I could, I would thank Mrs. G all of these years later now for my having acquired my p.p/female cranking lifelong fetish, as it was traced back to my watching from my 2nd floor bedroom window this then lovely lady, (perhaps a few years younger than Tiffany’s age now at least according to her bio here at the site) struggle to get her car started pretty much on a daily basis. This custom vid filmed by Tiffany only brings this similarity to an even higher level.

    Mrs. G’s first car, (back in the late 60’s/early 70’s) that gave her starting problems was an old ’63 gray-colored Chevy station wagon. After the car finally died on her, Mrs. G and her husband purchased a used VW Bus, s circa late 60’s model, (this was in the year 1971). Soon, Mrs. G had starting problems with her Bus!! I’m convinced that Mrs. G simply did not know how to properly start up a carburetor-tuned engine vehicle as she believed that giving it a lot of gas while trying to start the car would eventually, (hopefully) allow the car to start. Usually, her over-pumping of the gas pedal only ended up flooding her vehicles’ carburetor along the way. I remember that Mrs. G’s VW was an automatic transmission, (not a manual shift like the one owned by Shish) and that Mrs. G’s Bus was green-colored instead of white. One day even her oldest daughter, 16/17, and having obtained her driver’s license couldn’t get the VW Bus started herself and needed my assistance. Like her mother, the daughter Judy was of the female mindset that the more gas you pump into the carburetor the greater the possibility that the car would start. . . eventually. . . maybe. . . some of the time, lol!

    The mannerisms that Tiffany displayed in this vid: her outfit which almost could be considered early 70’ish with regards to fashion, her wearing flip-flops and then switching to bare-feet driving midway through the vid, and Tiffany’s taking the clip out of her hair to let it fall naturally down are all eerily similar to Mrs. G all of those years ago. Mrs. G in nice weather would usually drive her vehicles bare foot. In a way, Tiffany in driving taking the viewer out on a road trip in this vid fulfilled a fantasy that, all of those years ago, never happened with me regarding Mrs. G when I was a boy. As a 10 – 13 year old I never had the privilege in actually riding in one of Mrs. G’s two cars – on those days in which she could get them started!

    A super vid, and thank you for starring in it Tiffany!!! Great camera work as usual by Shish!

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