Tinsley Night Time Cranking the Bus in Peep Toes

Tinsley Night Time Cranking the Bus in Peep Toes

June 6th, 2013

She’s going out and thought she’d take the Bus for a spin.  The only problem is the old thing won’t start!  It’s dark with a little bit of light coming in from the deck lights and with the night-vision turned on, you get that claustrophobic feeling.  You can hear the squeaky gas pedal as she’s pumping it over and over, trying to start the car.  She kills the battery off and that brings an abrupt end to her night. 🙁

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  1. Tinsley Cranking The VW Bus / Dark Open-Toed Stiletto Pumps / Night-vision Camera

    Its dark outside Tinsley is going out for a night on the town, that’s all she has to do is get her unreliable VW bus to start. Shish is using a night-vision lens on the camera so I can’t tell you what the colors of the clothes she’s wearing, she’s wearing a light long sleeve jacket, dark maybe denim jeans, dark open-toed stiletto pumps.

    Tinsley gets in the bus it’s so dark inside the cab of the bus Tinsley has to fumble around a little bit to find the ignition and the gas, brake and clutch. Now that she has fond them she puts the key in the ignition she’s cranking and pumping from the beginning.

    Shish is getting a mixture of upper body and footwell video as Tinsley tries to get the bus to start, after close to four minutes of cranking. Tinsley gets the engine to sputter a couple of times she even gets the engine started a coupe of times just long enough to get a couple of revs out of the engine before it dies again, she goes back to cranking and pumping.

    Shish is in the back of the bus getting a whole body shot from the back of her head down to her right foot, as she’s cranking and pumping. Tinsley better hurry with each turn of the ignition key the starter is spinning slower with each turn of the ignition key . The battery is getting weak really fast. Tinsley only has maybe about a minute before the battery dies on her.

    The battery is almost dead. Shish is outside getting video from the drivers door window as The starter barely spins, the battery is dead. Tinsley opens the drivers door she’s going back into the house.

    As the screen fades to black Tinsley is walking back into the house. The End.

    Tinsley you did a great nighttime cranking video in the bus, your feet look really sexy in those stiletto pumps even though it’s dark outside and Shish is using a night-vision lens on the camera.

    Shish your camera work as always great, with it being almost pitch black outside you captured a great damsel in distress, a woman trying to get her V.W bus to start when it’s dark outside in her driveway good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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