Joined PTP: October 6, 2012

From: North Alabama

Birthdate: February 16, 1992

Shoe Size:  6

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Wedges

Smokes:  No

Favorite Car:  Benz!

What cars do you or have you owned?  Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Galant, Honda Civic

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  • She’s dressed up for a little cold start & revving fun in the old Camaro. She’s got this blue blazer style jacket on, some tight dark jeans and white stiletto pumps. She gets in the car and starts spinning it over to get it started. She cranks it for a….

  • She’s at a stop sign when she decides she’s going to do some driving with her shoes off. She kicks off her shiny red pumps and stretches her leg and foot out to push the gas pedal. She’s kinda easy at first, having to make the adjustment from shoes to….

  • It’s a hot one and these two gals are going to try and get the Camaro started. It’s been sitting, covered for a while, so it’s probably got a partially drained battery from not being ran for quite some time. Sure enough, it doesn’t give Brooke that many attempts to….

  • The Coronet plays with her emotions as it sputters, cough, chokes and constantly dies on Mari in this clip. It takes her most of the clip to get the damn thing to stay running so she can rev it and warm it up. Lots of bouncing, begging, coaxing, pumping and….

  • She’s hugging the steering wheel while cranking the Volvo in her bare feet. She’s been at it for a while and her luck isn’t getting any better. All kinds of angles in this clip: from the rear to see the exhaust shaking, looking through the rear hatch window, outside from….

  • Mari gets in the Volvo and is feeling confident enough to buckle her seat belt and get settled in for a drive. When she turns the key, surprisingly, the Volvo fires right up and she romps on the gas for a bit to get it warmed up. However, the Volvo….

  • Mari finishes up her turn behind the wheel and the girls swap at a stop sign. Brooke has to slide the seat because Mari is tiny! She buckles her seat belt, puts it in ‘Drive’ and puts her white loafers on the gas pedal and hits it! They get behind….

  • Mari Learning to Drive Stick in the Bug
    Starring - February 12th, 2016

    The first 14 minutes is by request of a girl learning how to drive a stick. I’m riding with her, you can’t see me but you hear me giving her instruction and learning the ropes. So, if you don’t want to hear me jaw-jacking, skip ahead to 14:06 where I….

  • A nice hot flooded cranking scene in the beginning of this clip but after that, it’s just some good driving by the short & fiesty Mari! She’s not afraid to press that pedal all the way down on these roads. Brooke is riding shotgun and enjoying the breeze while trying….

  • Mari Driving the Coronet – #419
    Starring - July 22nd, 2015

    She drives back and forth on this stretch of highway to see how much she can floor this big, heavy car while wearing her sexy purple pumps!  She keeps an eye out for a cop as we don’t want her to get in trouble.  The Coronet kicks down a gear….