Custom Video Form

Please provide your Paypal email address. Paypal is currently our only method of payment for custom videos. All custom video communication will be done strictly with this email address. That includes sending the completed custom.
Please choose the option that best describes the video you're wanting.
The car you prefer to see in your video. If this car breaks down during the shoot or becomes unavailable for any reason, we will fall back to your 2nd choice of car. If you only want your video done in one specific vehicle, do not make a 2nd choice. If your 1st choice is unavailable for whatever reason, we will not do your video.
This car is used if preferred car becomes unavailable during the shoot. Typically because it broke down and needs repaired from a previous video.
These are the base prices only for a simple, basic custom. Final cost will be determined by the genre of your video and script details. You will be notified of final cost, if higher than the base price, before an invoice is sent.

For two model customs (when available), add $75 per 5 minutes.
You can see the shoes we have available in our model closet here:

Scenarios with outfits that aren't weather appropriate will have a 'hazard' fee added to it that is determined by the model based on outfit and weather. Fee varies.
If 'Yes', please be sure to provide the details in your scenario about which camera view you want as your main view and small view.
*You must already have or are willing to create an account within our store for this option.