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  • Her car is acting weird and she pulls off the road right before it dies on her. She hits the steering wheel a few times with her gloved hands and tries starting it again. Looks like she’s not having a good day. She tries it a few more times but….

  • Vivian is picking you up from school today because your mom couldn’t get away. You sit quietly as Vivian gets ready to take you home but the car isn’t starting. Vivian reassures you that it’s okay and she can get it started as you look around to make sure none….

  • The video fades in with Scarlet hurrying back to the Camaro. She gets in, fires it up and takes off. She doesn’t get far down the road before the car dies on her and whatever she was trying to get away from, might catch up to her. She’s frantically cranking….

  • She just got home and didn’t even get more than a few steps from her car when her phone rings. She looks at it and sees that it’s work calling…ugh! She reluctantly answers it and yup, sure enough, they need her to come back in. Apparently working someone else’s shift….

  • We’re all piled in the front seat of the Jeep and leaving HQ to go get the Volvo. Damara killed the Volvo at the location we were filming a custom video earlier. Damara is trying to get the Jeep started wearing a button down blouse, shorts and shiny black thong….

  • Dammit! The Volvo died on Cassandra at a stop sign and now it won’t start again. Oh, shoot! She cranks and cranks but the damn thing won’t start. At least she’s wearing some sneakers that make her short walk not-so-bad.

  • She’s heading out again, this time wearing some denim shorts, a blue shirt and white/blue wedge peep-toe sandals. She’s in a bit of a hurry and it takes some struggling to get the Monte Carlo to start on hot days and when the engine is warm…it floods really easy. She gets….

  • Gina Stranded in the Coronet – #743
    Starring - July 14th, 2016

    Gina is driving through the countryside in the Coronet when she thinks she’s getting a flat tire. She pulls over to check but all looks okay. When she gets back in the car to leave, it won’t start. She tries her best to get the car started again, pumping it….

  • Going back to the Monte Carlo now to see if it’ll start. She’s driving the Jeep in these loafers on the way there and when we get there, the Monte’s starter just sounds shot. So she gets back in the Jeep, kicks off her shoes and drives us back. We’ll….

  • She’s got her cheetah (or leopard print…whatever) pajama’s on to run to the store but on the way back, her car broke down, which is when the video starts. She’s trying to get the old Volvo started again because it’s going to be awkward if someone tries to help her….