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Posted by on November 7th, 2014

Commenting on Videos

When you join up for access to member videos, the username and password you use to access the clips is also the same login information used to enter our WordPress site so you can leave comments.  So after you’ve logged in through your user control panel where you’re able to download videos, when you click the ‘Leave a Comment’ button, you’ll then see a note where you must be logged in to leave a comment.  I know that it feels like it’s a login loop but that’s not the case, just click the link to login underneath ‘Leave a Reply’ and enter your username and password (the same one to access the members area) and voila, you’re in!  You can then control your display name to be whatever you want it to be before leaving comments.

So, to recap:
1)  Login to access member videos by entering information here:
2)  Browse to the video update you want to leave a comment on and click the ‘Leave a Comment’ button (next to the ‘Download’ button)
3)  Click on the login link (if you’re not already logged into the WordPress site) at the bottom, underneath ‘Leave a Reply’
4)  Enter the same username and password combo you used to gain access to member videos in the boxes.

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