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Don’t forget, Scarlet is accepting customs right now, so get while the gettin is good!  You can send a custom video form by going to her model page located here.

Also, for anyone who has had issues downloading videos in the past OR for anyone who is currently experiencing sporadic download issues, try uninstalling the VLC Media Player entirely.  If that solves your problem, you can reinstall VLC media player but don’t select the option to install the browser extension as that might be the cause of some/most of the issues.
Anyone who has had problems and has contacted me in the past, if this works for you, I would love for you to shoot me an email at to let me know if it worked.  If it didn’t work for those of you who had or are still having download issues, please update me with any info on what is occurring so I can keep looking.

We’ve got quite a few models lined up these next few months, so keep a lookout for customs being available!  We all love doing your customs and we are so grateful for the huge demand there is for PTP customs!  So keep a lookout, submit the form and we’ll do our best to bring your fantasy to life! :)

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