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Posted by on April 5th, 2014

Model Closet Shoes Organized

Scarlet and Cassandra recently went through all of the shoes in our model closet to sort, organize and begin cataloging the various shoes and boots we have.   A lot of you have sent shoes over the years and at first, we didn’t keep a detailed list of who sent what.  It was only a few people and it was pretty easy to keep track of who sent what.  But as the years have gone by, it’s exploded and we now have to catalog everything so we can keep track of where the shoes came from, from who and what they like to see the shoe doing (cranking, revving, etc).  Not all the shoes that have been sent in are strictly pedal pumping fans.  As some of you probably know, Scarlet has been running Fanta Productions for quite a few years now.  So her customer base, which spans foot fetishists to bubble gum fans to shoe dipping/tapping fans, have been sending items in as well.
Pictures of all the footwear can be found here. Currently, we have 194 pairs of non-boot shoes and 149 pairs of boots!  That’s 343 pairs of shoes!!  

“So why do we see a lot of the same shoes over and over again?”  you might ask?  That’s because we had so many stuffed away in boxes, we forgot about a lot of them!  But now that we have pictures of every one of them, we can start using some that have been neglected.  Feel free to send a link in a custom video form of the shoes you want your model to wear!

Thank you to everyone who has sent in shoes over the years!  Now that we’re more organized, I hope we can start rotating them in on upcoming shoots!!

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