Tag: stranded

  • Riley was supposed to meet an old high school friend and in her excitement, forgot to put gas in the car. She pulls into the parking lot and doesn’t see him there yet, so she’s a bit disappointed. She becomes even more disappointed when her car runs out of gas…..

  • She’s doing a bit of shopping at the local department store. It’s getting close to closing time, so she’s perusing her way towards the door. She’s wearing a black leather jacket, white button down shirt, jeans, black socks and light colored ballet flats. She’s finally at the door and leaves….

  • She’s leaving the school where she works but doesn’t know that some little turds disabled her car. She comes strutting out of the school with her short miniskirt on, sheer hose and sexy patent stiletto pumps. She gets in the car, inserts the key and cranks the engine over but….

  • Someone is sabotaging Vivian’s car. We see them raise the hood, stuff a rag in the carb and scurry off just before Vivian is seen walking to the car. We watch her walk over to the car from inside and she gets in, gets situated, slides the key in and….

  • The Scenario: “Main camera shot will be a side view angle of the full length of the Volvo wagon. Damara is returning to her car after a summer afternoon spent at the neighborhood pool. Walking up to the driver’s side door, she searches in her bag for her car keys,….

  • Scarlet gets dropped off at her car by a friend. She carpooled for a little girl’s day out. You hear her talking with her friend off camera at first but then you see Scarlet come into view when she gets in her car. The parking lot is empty but next….

  • It’s wet and messy today, her car won’t start and she’s hearing some strange noises in the woods…yeah, horror film class 101! lol She’s trying to get the Volvo started but it’s not a big fan of rainy days or any day, for that matter. It starts up a few….

  • Her car is acting weird and she pulls off the road right before it dies on her. She hits the steering wheel a few times with her gloved hands and tries starting it again. Looks like she’s not having a good day. She tries it a few more times but….

  • Damara is leaving to go to a friends new place and has the address plugged into her phone’s GPS. She’s taking the Camaro and has a few issues getting going. It’s being a butt trying to leave the driveway and even conks out on her when she gets on the….

  • Hana ‘Are You Scared of the Storm?’
    Starring - March 12th, 2017

    It’s pouring down rain, getting dark and her car won’t start. She’s teasing you…mocking you that you’re scared of the storm as she pumps on the gas to flood the car out intentionally. She pumps and cranks with her bare legs exposed and white strappy high heels. The car sputters….