Tag: stranded

  • Scarlet gets dropped off at her car by a friend. She carpooled for a little girl’s day out. You hear her talking with her friend off camera at first but then you see Scarlet come into view when she gets in her car. The parking lot is empty but next….

  • It’s wet and messy today, her car won’t start and she’s hearing some strange noises in the woods…yeah, horror film class 101! lol She’s trying to get the Volvo started but it’s not a big fan of rainy days or any day, for that matter. It starts up a few….

  • Her car is acting weird and she pulls off the road right before it dies on her. She hits the steering wheel a few times with her gloved hands and tries starting it again. Looks like she’s not having a good day. She tries it a few more times but….

  • Damara is leaving to go to a friends new place and has the address plugged into her phone’s GPS. She’s taking the Camaro and has a few issues getting going. It’s being a butt trying to leave the driveway and even conks out on her when she gets on the….

  • Hana ‘Are You Scared of the Storm?’
    Starring - March 12th, 2017

    It’s pouring down rain, getting dark and her car won’t start. She’s teasing you…mocking you that you’re scared of the storm as she pumps on the gas to flood the car out intentionally. She pumps and cranks with her bare legs exposed and white strappy high heels. The car sputters….

  • Scarlet is visiting a friend but when she knocks on the door, there is no answer. She waits for a bit before deciding to leave and is unaware that the ‘gremlins’ have messed with her car. She hops in, turns the key, it doesn’t start. She tries again and still….

  • The video fades in with Scarlet hurrying back to the Camaro. She gets in, fires it up and takes off. She doesn’t get far down the road before the car dies on her and whatever she was trying to get away from, might catch up to her. She’s frantically cranking….

  • She’s trying to leave but the Monte Carlo refuses to start. She’s cranking in pink/black Adidas sandals, cuffed jeans and a blue’ish toenail polish. The car is sputtering a little bit but it won’t start. There is a segment where you’re looking under the hood and watching the linkage move….

  • She’s purchased her over-priced, watered down hipster beverage and is heading over to the home store to gather some things for an afternoon project. Her old VW Bug won’t start in the parking lot of the coffee shop. It might have something to do with all those hipster, vegan vibes….

  • She finds herself stranded in the Monte Carlo when she slams on the brakes to avoid hitting a baby deer. When she tries restarting the Monte Carlo, it isn’t starting up. It’s probably flooded from stalling out. She tries for a while, pumping the gas in her black leather pumps….