Joined PTP: October 3, 2015

From: Hawaii

Birthdate: November 22, 1984

Shoe Size:  6.5

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Stilettos

Smokes:  No

Favorite Toenail Polish:  Taupless Beach

Favorite Car:  67 Corvette Stingray

Can You Drive a Stick?:  Yes

What cars do you or have you owned?  Acura Integra, Volvo, Chrysler Crossfilre, Ford Probe, Mazda 626, Honda Ridgeline

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  • The Getaway “Sorry I had to knock you out but I really need these documents!”, Jane says as she grabs the folder on the floor and walks out, leaving you there stunned and on the verge of unconsciousness. She snatched your keys too but quickly finds out that using your car….

  • Thanks to a fan for sending these shoes in for Jane to try that ‘positive thinking’ while trying to get the old Monte Carlo to crank. This is the second video I filmed with her, in which I’m giving her crap about how that whole ‘mind over matter’ concept doesn’t….