Joined PTP: April 27, 2006

From: Northern Alabama


Shoe Size:  6 1/2

Favorite Type of Shoe:  strappy heels for the summer and boots for the winter

Smokes:  every once and a while

Favorite Car:  Mustangs

Favorite genre of pedal pumping to do?  Burnouts, revvvvving, and just driving fast

What cars do you or have you owned?
Currently, I have a 2001 Mustang Convertible.  I have owned a couple of Fox-body Mustangs and a 1990 Ford Probe.  Just a sucker for a “stang.”

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
I had a 1990 Ford Probe, and the alternator was going out.  It was right before dark, and the car just started slowing down.  It wouldn’t accelerate, and I had no headlights.  And I was really far from home.

  • Jasmine Starts & Revs
    Starring - July 5th, 2007

    Unfortunately, this supplemental update of Jasmine is our last clip we have of her.  She puts on her shoe after being barefoot, and asks if you’re ready to go.  It takes a second to get the Torino going, and when it starts, she gives it a few seconds of good….

  • Jasmine Starting & Revving the Torino
    Starring - October 11th, 2006

    This is a short, supplemental clip of Jasmine starting up the Torino and giving it a few good revs.  Before the camera fades out, she asks ShisH if he’s sure the car will stay running.

  • Jasmine Driving the Camaro in Flip Flops
    Starring - September 5th, 2006

    Jasmine has her hair up in this clip as she sits behind the wheel of ShisH’s Camaro to do some driving for you guys!  She risks getting up to 80 MPH on some back roads but is weary of cops that might pull her over.  You also get to see….

  • Jasmine gets into the Torino and takes off her black sandals after a long day at work!  She’s ready to go home, but the car’s not starting.  She has a look of dismay when she first realizes it’s not going to start!  When she finally gets it started, she revs….

  • Jasmine Playful Revving the Torino
    Starring - June 8th, 2006

    Jasmine gives the camera a big smile as she starts revving in her black sandals!  She gives the camera a few sexy looks as she quickly taps her foot on the gas pedal, causing the car to momentarily rock back and forth!

  • Jasmine isn’t as lucky at getting the Torino started as some of our models.  The car apparently doesn’t like her because each time she’s had to get it started, it has quite some time with her working the pedal to coax it into starting for her.  This clip is no….