Joined PTP: August 6, 2005

From: North Alabama


  • Lexi Cruising in the Blazer
    Starring - June 3rd, 2007

    Lexi is driving in the Blazer during rush hour traffic and listening to the radio.  She’s wearing jeans with pink boots over them.  She turns the radio down when it goes into a commercial break and continues driving in silence so she can focus on the traffic.

  • Lexi Hard Revving the Torino in Boots
    Starring - April 29th, 2007

    Lexi gives the Torino a piece of her mind in this clip!  She’s revving it really good with her black stiletto-heel boots.  The camera gets upper-body shots, exhaust shots, and footwell shots.

  • ShisH didn’t really have a place for this when he edited the videos, so he thought he’d compile it into one clip and let those of you who enjoy boots, revving, some cranking and Lexi see it as we waste nothing here at PTP!

  • Lexi Stranded in the Torino
    Starring - February 25th, 2007

    The Torino takes a little coaxing before it starts up for Lexi . . . but then it chugs and dies.  It does this several times to her, and she is getting more and more frustrated.  She tries coaxing it, but the Torino’s not sound too healthily . . .

  • Lexi Stranded in the Woods
    Starring - January 21st, 2007

    Lexi pulled of onto the side of the road on this trail to check her back right tire.  Once she sees that it’s okay, she gets back into the Blazer to continue to her destination.  Hopefully she won’t have to walk to the nearest gas station to call for help!

  • We were on our way with Lexi to the same spot where the Caprice and Big Blue met their doom, but about 100 yards down the pathway, it was blocked.  The only spot to turn around was a rocky, uphill spot.  This proved to be a difficult task for Lexi. ….

  • Lexi & Penelope Crank the Valiant
    Starring , - August 12th, 2006

    Lexi picks up Penelope so they can go out together somewhere.  When they’re situated and ready to go, the Valiant won’t start for Lexi.  It’s been very touchy and giving her a more difficult time than usual; so Penelope gives it a try to see if she can get it….

  • This is Lexi & Penelope’s first video together, and they’re back out of the apartment complex to follow ShisH to some unknown filming location.  The girls have just a little trouble figuring out the Valiant, but it’s nothing they can’t handle!  Lexi gets the car backed out of the tight….

  • Lexi gets to break in the newer Bronco we got – not even an hour after returning from North Carolina with it.  We told her to drive around and get stuck . . . well, she BURIED the back wheels so bad, this poor baby wasn’t getting out without a….

  • Lexi Cranking in the Parking Lot
    Starring - September 5th, 2005

    Lexi parks her car to go into a store.  A few minutes later when she returns to her car, it won’t start.  A “peeping Tom” in the vehicle next to her gets her dilemma on tape (through purplish tinted windows).  She’s unsure of what to do since her car won’t….