Joined PTP: November 16, 2006

From: Tennessee


  • Lexi-Rae Revving the Torino
    Starring - August 18th, 2007

    This quick supplemental update is the last video we have of Lexi-Rae.  She is revving the Torino in a pair of red patent pumps that shows some toe cleavage.  The camera gets upper body shots of her facial expressions as well as close-ups of her pumps as she’s revving it….

  • Lexi-Rae talks about her nice, soft boots while she slowly caresses them and pumps the gas.  Then she proceeds to do some cranking while talking to you guys.  She almost flooded it tooo much, but she does finally get it started!

  • Lexi-Rae’s Jaguar Betrays Her
    Starring - February 3rd, 2007

    Lexi-Rae is decked out in leather, ready to go out clubbing with her boyfriend.  She calls him and talks briefly before starting her car.  When she’s ready to roll, she turns the key, her Jaguar starts up, and then it quickly dies on her.  I don’t think she’s leaving in….

  • Lexi-Rae Driving on a Rainy Day
    Starring - January 17th, 2007

    After having car trouble on the side of the interstate and draining the battery, Lexi-Rae is able to let it sit long enough to build a charge to get it going again.  She is on her way home now.  Listen as she tells you about her college years, old cars….

  • Lexi-Rae hops in the Torino, but it doesn’t start up right away.  You can tell she gets easily frustrated when it doesn’t cooperate.  When she finally gets it started, she revs it for a little to clear it out and keep it running.