Joined PTP: October 26, 2014

From: Birmingham, Alabama

Birthdate: December 23, 1989

Shoe Size:  6.5

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Boots

Smokes:  Yes

Favorite Toenail Polish:  Dark chocolate

Favorite Car:  My Dodge Durango

Can You Drive a Stick?:  No

What cars do you or have you owned?  2002 Jeep Liberty, 2002 Dodge Durango

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  • We pick back up with Kmo & LoLo in this last clip of the series.  LoLo is still behind the wheel of the stalled out and  badly flooded Monte Carlo.  Both girls are smoking a cigarette and after some attempts by LoLo to start the car, it reluctantly fires up….

  • Well, they just aren’t going to make it to the club tonight.  The Monte just teases the hell out of the girls, thinking that it’s finally going to start only to sputter and die, crushing their hopes and dreams in a puff of exhaust fumes!  But they aren’t ready to….

  • Kmo starts romping on the gas in this clip, really revving up that old engine to clear it out!  LoLo is just smiling away, watching the action and inhaling those exhaust fumes!  After a lot of revving, maybe it’s finally time to get going.  Kmo puts the car in gear….

  • I doubt these gals have ever experienced a car like the Monte Carlo.  It’s been sitting for a good while and they’re going to try to get it started and take it out.  Kmo slips behind the wheel in her red leather jacket, skin tight liquid leggings and a pair….