Milla's Profile

Shoe Size:  8.5

Favorite Type of Shoe:  open toe sandals

Smokes:  no

Favorite Car:  Jeep Liberty Sport

What cars do you or have you owned?
Previous: 1991 Cavalier and a 1996 Saturn; Now: 1992 Toyota 4×4 Pickup Truck

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
I have several experiences!  The Cavalier I owned would not crank a lot of times, and I had to have it towed from work, school, and other places.  The Saturn’s starter went bad, so I had to pour water on it everywhere I went to cool it off so the car would crank.  The Toyota 4×4 truck I own now likes to go dead when I turn the steering wheel too sharp.  There are times when it idles too low and will go dead.  It has no power whatsoever, especially in 5th gear.  There are times when I try to start the truck, and I have to give it some gas to get it going.  It has a mind of its own!  There are days when it cranks just fine and other days where it take 5 minutes to get the damn thing started.

Joined PTP: October 13, 2007

From: Gadsden, Alabama

Birthdate: December 5, 1981