Paige Erin Turner

Paige Erin Turner's Profile

Shoe Size:  9

Favorite Type of Shoe:  super sexy heels

Smokes:  No.

Favorite Car:  New Camaro’s, vintage Mustangs and I’ve always thought the classic Thunderbirds were sexy!

What cars do you or have you owned?  Honda Civic, Ford Focus.  I’m currently looking for a new car since I wrecked my Focus recently.

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  You name it, I’ve done it!  Ran out of gas, killed batteries (cranking too long!), locked keys in my, blown radiators, flat tires, major wrecks and tons of fender benders.

Joined PTP: March 14, 2011

From: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Birthdate: April 4, 1983