Joined PTP: November 6, 2011

From: South Alabama

Birthdate: March 23, 1988

Shoe Size:  8.5

Favorite Type of Shoe:  None, barefoot

Smokes:  No

Favorite Car:  1970 Challenger, 1969 Stingray, 1970 Cuda, 1st Gen Firebirds

What cars do you or have you owned?  1968 Firebird (400 motor), 1979 Firebird (305 motor), 1992 Firebird Formula, 2000 Firebird

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  Getting caught in a bad downpour in the ’68 Firebird.  Had little a/c or defrost, bad windshield wipers and couldn’t see a thing!

  • Prue thinks the Monte Carlo is out of gas and is a bit annoyed at the situation. She has this ‘stabbing’ method of pumping the gas because she had a car that would flood easily, so she’s got some experience with old cars. She keeps at it and works through….

  • These are the last clips I have of Prue. This two-parter is of her cranking, driving, stalling, cranking & driving in the old Monte Carlo. She’s wearing a pair of old boots for this clip. This first clip is of her getting the car started, driving around and near the….

  • She’s still struggling with the Monte Carlo. It’s teasing her some as she’s trying to pump it just right with her black leather combat boots. The battery is starting to get weak, so it’s getting close to do-or-die time! Her gloved hands keep turning the key while she’s trying to….

  • Before she leaves, she has to start up the cars we used and rev them up to clear out all the gas from the videos we did earlier. She starts with the old Volvo because it’s the closest. She gets in, pulls out the choke and starts cranking it. It….

  • She’s ready to go on her date but that damn Monte is acting up again.  She can from dolled up to grease monkey in a few seconds and she does that here.  The car is in need of a tune-up but she’s been putting it off.  She pops off the….

  • Gas Run with Prue Wearing Sneakers, 2 of 2
    Starring - September 13th, 2013

    Prue has gassed up the Monte Carlo and is ready to go but it takes a bit to get the car going at the pump.  She’s frustrated from the car being a dick and stalling earlier at the stop sign.  She practices patience and gets it running but making the….

  • You’re riding along with Prue as she’s gonna run to the store to put some gas in the Monte Carlo.  It takes her a bit to get the car started and you can easily see the real frustration in her face and pedal pumping style.  She gets it running and….

  • Boss Lady Prue Cranking her Bug in Boots
    Starring - March 10th, 2013

    This was a request from a fan of Prue’s to have her be his boss and she can’t get her car started.  He’s riding to work with her this morning and sure enough, her old VW Beetle is being cranky!  After watching her from the passenger seat for a few….

  • Prue Christmas Sock Crank & Rev in the Volvo
    Starring - September 2nd, 2012

    Prue has to put in overtime because it’s the holiday rush.  She’s not a big fan of the bratty kids, crying babies and rude parents as she works the Santa exhibit.  She has on her furry socks with some flip flops as she gets in the Volvo and tries getting….

  • We pick up with Prue driving around and getting the hang of driving a stick.  About halfway through, we mix it up a bit and have her try on a pair of high heeled boots to see if she can drive a stick in heels.  We only view the footwell….