Salem's Profile

Shoe Size:  7 1/2

Favorite Type of Shoe:
Man, do I have to pick a favorite?  I love all shoes!  I think I would either have to say any kind of heels or boots.  I just got an awesome pair of hot pink heels from Nine West.  Haven’t got to wear them yet but had to have them for my collection!  🙂  I am a shoe fanatic!!  Right now I have 33 pairs, but that isn’t near enough!

Smokes:  yes

Favorite Car:  Infiniti G35, Toyota Supra, any classic car

Favorite genre of pedal pumping to do?
I would have to say either driving or revving!  I love to get on the interstate and drive as fast as I possibly can!  I’m shocked that I have not gotten a ticket (knock on wood).  Revving, well for 2 reasons.  One because you can feel the power of the car, and 2 because it’s a really great leg workout.  😉

What cars do you or have you owned?
Right now I have an ’01 Mustang (auto, not very fast, unfortunately), a ’90 Honda CRX which is about to be fixed up, and last but not least an ’04 Rodeo.  Previous cars: Ford Escort, ’92 Ford Explorer, Jeep Cherokee and 2 Mazda 626’s . . . I have a thing for cars as well.  🙂

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
I was driving a 5-speed for the first time . . . that says it all right there.  🙂  I came to a stop sign which was on a slight incline.  Well, I kept rolling back down the hill until it finally died.  I’d been sitting there for about 5 minutes when a truck pulling a cattle trailer came up behind me.  I was freaking out because I could not get the truck up the hill and this guy behind me was honking at me.  I finally had to wave him around me because him being behind me was making me even more nervous.  He wasn’t very happy but as soon as he left I FINALLY made it up the hill!

Joined PTP: December 17, 2005

From: Birmingham, Alabama

Birthdate: February 1, 1979