Tremble's Profile

Shoe Size:  6 1/2

Favorite Type of Shoe:  high heels, they make me feel sexy

Smokes:  only tires

Favorite Car:  Accura NSX

Favorite genre of pedal pumping to do?
I like to rev it hard!  Gets my heart to pumping fast, my palms sweating on the wheel, and I get all flushed.  The roaring engine sings to me.

What cars do you or have you owned?  Mustang, and currently a Dodge Neon

Worst Car Trouble Experience:
On the way to Miami my car started over heating so I had to pull over on the freeway at 4am in the cold, had to walk to a gas station to get water.

Joined PTP: November 12, 2005

From: Atlanta, Georgia