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1460 – April Lee Sexy Revving & Gear Shift Stroking


Outfit & Shoes
Crop top and daisy dukes

Camera angle: passenger window view facing the driver
Scenario: Scene opens up with April already in the car. She turns on the car, giving a sexy look and says “how about a little revving” in a seductive voice. She revs the car for 3 minutes. During revving, she switches the gears from P to N a few times and says “I wonder which one is louder” while looking seductively at the camera. While revving she grips the gearshift, playing with it. After revving, she starts to shift through the gears, from P to D back and forth while slowly rubbing her thigh and biting her lip. She does this for another 3 minutes. After this, she puts the car in N and says to the camera “ready to go for a ride babe” and slams it into D and floors it. She will be holding and caressing the gearshift for the entire driving scene. While driving, she will occasionally knock the gearshift into sport mode and back to normal mode as a sort of tease. She will also sometimes put the car in N and give it a rev while driving too. The video ends with April giving a wink and a kiss to the camera.

Length: 10:34

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 922 MB


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