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1399 – April Lee Lends a Helping-Foot


Outfit & Shoes
Something casual and these sandals with white socks (if they fit which i think they will. otherwise just something casual)

Roxy is your neighbor who you ran into on the street and asked if she would be able to assist you with your car. Roxy, a fan of the old cars obliges and comes over. She hops in the car and turns it over to no avail. She said “should i pump it? you say yes, she says a lot? you just smile. She starts cranking pumping slowly at first but then speeds up because shes getting annoyed that its not starting. quick pumping with her heel on the floor if possible. At this point she has probably flooded the car so she will need to get it running and then clear it out with some nice, sexy revvs.

Length: 8:35

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 704 MB


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