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1454 – April Lee Little Red Riding Boots Clunker Crisis


Outfit & Shoes
Preference is tight blue jeans tucked into the black equestrian boots – top is her preference. If its cold, a leather jacket is always appropriate! Second preference is jeans tucked into the Red Effeto boots.


CONCEPT: April is going to run down to the stables to exercise one of her horses. The Monte is cold and she expects it might not be eager to cooperate.

This is a cold / rough start video. Some initial cranking / gentle pumping that leads to some unsuccessful starts / revving with stalls and difficult restarts. I’ve still got an appetite for uncooperative revving with stalling and difficult restarts.

DEMEANOR – Arrogant / “I’m above this” that progresses to Stern / unamused.


– I think you’ve got my preferences nailed at this point.

• As a special request – on one of the start attempts – or as the car dies: have her put the gas on the floor and just keep it there into the next start attempt. As a secondary variation: have her put the gas on the floor at the end of a crank or as the car dies. She gives it a quick pump, putting the pedal back on the floor and quickly hits the key for another attempt.
– Begins with confident / steady and escalates as necessary. Vivians work on the short cold start you gave me this week is the perfect example of the way I picture this beginning – IE she knows the car and has realistic expectations.

COMMENTARY – minimal for this video. The timely “Shit” whispered, uttered under her breath, or even just mouthed. Thereafter, anything that occurs naturally – except I’m really not a fan of calling the car “baby” or the phrase “crank for me”.


– When she first gets in, chin tilted slightly up, facing forward (kind of an arrogant look).

• This can progress to her turning her head to the right slightly – keeping chin up slightly (all while listening for the car to respond).
• This can progress to subtle head shaking while cranking and not getting a response from the car.
• Of course, I always like the head looking slightly right with her gaze into the distance listening for the car to start or run right…
• Late in the video have her run her left hand thru her hair while cranking or revving.


• Majority from the back seat. Maybe transition to a pedal shot or two if you see something worth bringing into focus.

**ShisH’s Notes**
There was some deviation from the script as we had all kinds of car issues that required us to adapt and overcome…or at least try to. The Monte Carlo start ‘un-alived’ itself and so we moved to the Cadillac because the Camaro was still in the shop. The Cadillac was proving to be troublesome as well — it’s starter was ready to become toast itself. So we did the best we could and cobbled this together.

Length: 17:59

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.48 GB


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