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1419 – April Lee Revving the Cadillac for You in Mules & Bare Feet


Outfit & Shoes
Outfit: any short skirt and low cut blouse.
Shoes: tan low heel mules and barefoot with bright red toes.
Hair: half up style.

Camera angle: passenger view with whole body shots including her feet.
The last 2 minutes would be a back seat whole body view with April teasing/talking into the camera while revving
This would be a revving tease video. Lots of teasing and talking. April would talk about how much she loves the sound of the engine and how it relaxes her to rev after a stressful day.

The video would start with April walking to the car and saying how she needs a nice revving session to relax. The car starts right up and she starts revving immediately with the mules on then she says she wants to feel the vibration of the gas pedal then slips off her shoes and starts revving barefoot for the remainder of the video. She is talking while revving she can choose whatever dialogue she wants just as long as she is being flirty. She can also talk about how the car just got out of the shop and she is giving it a stress test to make sure it sounds good. When the video is about to end she says she talks about how she got a leg and foot workout and how the car passes the test.

Length: 6:36

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 503 MB

1 review for 1419 – April Lee Revving the Cadillac for You in Mules & Bare Feet

  1. hardrev_42 (verified owner)

    April Lee looking gorgeous as ever with red toe nail polish pounding on the Cadillac gas pedal making it roar. What more encouragement do you need.
    She knows how to rev it up !! Buy it now. Highly recommended.

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