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0626 – Cassandra Cranking the Bug in Leather, Garters & Thigh Highs


Outfit & Shoes
Buttoned black leather blazer, short leather skirt or buttoned skirt, black sheers with garter belt, garter belt slightly visible under skirt hem, black leather knee high boots

I would like to see Cassandra in a cold morning / dying battery scene in leather outfit: Buttoned Blazer, short skirt or buttoned skirt/ some buttons open, boots. Buttoned blazer is important. If possible no bra. Cleavage would be nice but undue nudity not requested / required.

Cassandra walking to the car to see her lover after husband has left home.

Car does not start. Cassandra pumps and pumps and gets more and more excited about shortly meeting her lover. Skirt should ride up and expose legs and garter belts while pumping.

Some front shots through windscreen would be nice. Cassandra cranking for a while with left leg out would also be nice.

Cassandra cranking and making increasingly desperate comments until battery dies. Let the battery die slowly until the end.

Length: 6:30

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 275 MB


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