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0745 – Cassandra Parking Lot Breakdown in the Coronet


Outfit & Shoes
Yellow size 9 gap ballet flats.
White sleeveless top, denim blue jeans that cover the ankle and fall to the top of the foot but do not obscure the ballet flats.
Pair of socks with a design or repeating pattern.
Hair band or hair pulled back with comb, purse and either a light weight long sweater/cardigan or ladies trench coat.
Red lipstick, natural makeup

We see Cassandra in the house, distance shot of her walking into room, she is dressed wearing her grey moccasins. She says, “Ready to go? I’ll drop you with at the movies while I go shopping. I’ll meet you by the car after the movie.

She takes a step forward and stops. “What’s the matter?” ..pause..”Oh you want me to wear my yellow ballet flats, right?‘ She grins, and says, “Okay.” disappears and returns wearing the shoes, ‘Is that better?. Okay lets go.” she walks towards door, fade out.

Shots of Cassandra, walking about mall. film about a minute and a half of her walking about. Fade out.

We see her walk back to car a few steps, full body shots and some shots of her shoes. She reaches in purse, pulls out key, opens door, says, “Okay get in.” and then gets in herself.

Next is interior shot of her sliding in behind wheel and shuts door. She turns to the back seat. “Did you have a good time with your friends? Good..did you like the movie..oh good.” Pause.. “No it’s too late to go for ice cream. We’ll go tomorrow before your Mom picks you up, okay.”

With that she turn to start the car that won’t start. Cassandra is clearly rattled and very worried. She tries a few times to get the car to start, long cranks and foot pumping s well as foot to floor holding pedal to floor.

She turns to back seat, clearly very nervous and says in a worried tone. ‘I don’t now what’s wrong with my car.” She goes back to trying to start it, pleading and begging it to start.

I can’t believe this is happening at this hour in this lot.” she says, clearly distressed and worried.

Her choice of dialogue as much or as little as she like, as if it were really happening. Custom begins to end as she turns to the back seat and says. “I’ve got to see if we can find some help, we’re stuck.” She looks around in the darkness not sure what to do, her face is clearly nervous. Fade to black.

Please NO SWEARING, no cell phones.
One remote camera head to pedal, from passenger door. Chase camera various shots of her from windshield to drivers side trying to start car. Also perspective shot of car while cranking. Good luck!

Length: 8:24

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 298 MB


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