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0631 – Cassandra Hard-Ass Revving the Z28 Racer Girl Outfit


Outfit & Shoes
Her real tight red leggings with that racing shirt and some sexy strappy sandals with a heal or sexy pumps. Let her pick.

Setting: it is late afternoon Cassandra is dressed up for a night of partying later on this evening. She looks hot and she knows it. She feels especially bad-ass and wicked and is out to tear it up in the 1977 Camaro for a little pre-partying sadistic fun. Yes, Cassandra is very very very bad!

I want you to film Cassandra walking out to the car and getting in viewing from low sexy angles. ShisH you have film several videos for me over the years and I think you know the camera angles that I like and the fact that I don’t like close-up foot well shots or any helpless cranking where the model is acting like a helpless bimbo. Use your best judgment.

We want to film her walking out to the car and getting in, and don’t forget to capture that hot little ass from low angles 🙂 you did a nice job in the last video. In this video you can have the driver door open for the first 40% of the video. Try to get a few different camera angles on her: open driver door view with her left foot out on the ground and then the left foot goes also back into the car, get a good lap view too. Then she will close the driver door herself.

Remember the cameraman does not exist in this video. This young lady is all along with this car and she can do whatever she wants to it!

Cut to new in the car view right passenger view. As the revving session continues with the door shut,also get a side view from passenger side, another lap view with the driver door closed this time and an over the shoulder from back seat. Also,In this video in want to you to capture her wicked playful smirk with the hood-vents opening-wide in the background (similar to the Kimberly Heart Video, but a little more of it and a little more intensely!!! ) as she brutally works the engine into a series of screaming climaxes and then she tears out of there at “wide open throttle” leaving some rubber on the road.

Don’t spend too much camera time in anyone particular scene one minute max for each. Also any time you can capture her “firm well-toned” thigh flexing in those skin-tight leggings working “that pedal”, well…… that is a definate plus++++ that’s why we call it….”Pump That Pedal”

Cassandra knows how to really rev a car, so let her be creative in her revving style with this general set of parameters: “Cassandra you’re out to tear it up, because it makes you feel hot!!! Put this bitch (the car) into purgatory and see what kind of desperate screaming noises you can make it do. I like the way the car gasp for air when you give it a good shot hard on the gas pedal and howls when you put it to the carpet for 2 to 4 seconds. The engine compartment is your torture chamber and the V8 contained therein is you hapless slave. So make it go berserk under the hood…. just because you can 😉

Length: 5:13

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 203 MB


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