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1461 (HD-MP4) – Dirty Diana Figures Out You Like Women Flooding Cars


Outfit & Shoes
A pair of Daisy Dukes, cowgirl boots (no booties) and a tank top with no bra.

We work together and you have figured out that every time I am around you have car troubles. So you call me over to the house too see if it is true.
Opening scene: you are leaning against the car tapping your foot waiting for me. You tell me that you are having car troubles again . Then you ask me why I keep staring at your foot. With I sexy little smile you say I knew it you like to watch me pump the gas pedal don’t you? That’s why my car never starts when you’re around, Ok Would you like me too flood the car for you. you flood the car out and every once in a while you hold the gas to the floor and put your hand on the keys like you are going too crank the car but you don’t teasing me with the fact that you won’t crank the car. id like steady medium fast pumping through out the video stabs at the pedal and some Bouncing while pumping. Faster pumping towards the end for the climax. also . I like to hear you talk during the video ie: do you like watching me pump the gas pedal. are you enjoying this I’m pumping the gas pedal just for you baby. Do you like it when I flood the car like that? You like too watch dont you.(and dirty talk too. You know, while I am pumping the gas pedal you could reach in your pants take your cock out and jerk off for me. Then you could ask me if all this pedal pumping is going too make me cum.) thank you. At the end bye hunny , next time just ask and I will do this again fo you. Dirty talk if Diana is ok with that.

Length: 7:19

Resolution: 640 x 360

File Size: 638 MB


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