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1332 (HD)- Jane Domino Cranking the Volvo in Leather Pants & Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Crop top, casual normal leather boots, tight black leather jeans.

>>Please I do not want Jane to pump the gas pedal in this custom.<<
Jane Domino in Volvo and battery problems.
Jane want’s drive to her friend. Unfortunately the Volvo have other plans.
Jane walk to the car camera ankle in behind of her shoots on the pants.
The Volvo is not used for long time, Jane get in the car the camera angle in windshield.
Jane cranking the Volvo and It’s only several attempt to drain the battery in Volvo.
Jane puts the other battery but she doesn’t know the second battery it’s also broken.
She get in the car the camera shoots on the windshield, and she crank the Volvo with no luck, her frustration is grow up and she starts to bouncing pleading and begging the car.

Come on You piece of shit!!! What’s wrong with You?!!

The camera angle for last one and half minute go in the passenger side but out of the car, most in the key shooting.
She drains the battery again, Jane slaps the steering wheel.
Jane get out of the car camera goes on behind of her, she lean for the key’s she try another try to start the Volvo she shaking her butt and bounce the camera in close view.
The battery is completely died.
She back to the house, camera front of her.
The end.
I want see a very aggressive Jane with that custom when she cranking.

Length: 6:54

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 796 MB

1 review for 1332 (HD)- Jane Domino Cranking the Volvo in Leather Pants & Boots

  1. lffuentes (verified owner)

    Great cranking video. Jane does the best cranking videos. I miss her so much. Hope to see her available for customs soon.

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