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1415 – Jane Domino Can’t Start Her Boyfriends Camaro


Outfit & Shoes
Jane should wear some of her super short cut off booty shorts and a nice top that she might wear out on a date. Her shoes can be some sexy high heeled strappy sandals or pumps that match her outfit as long as she can walk in them OK and pump the pedal easily (the outfit she wore in Custom 1333 or similar would be great).

Jane is dressed for a date with her boyfriend, but he has asked her to drive one of his old hot rods (the Camaro) and meet him at Ralphie the mechanic’s shop to have some work done on it then they’ll leave from there to go out (Ralphie won’t be in the video – sorry Ralphie). When she arrives, no one is there, her boyfriend is late and not answering his phone. She isn’t going to wait there by herself because she doesn’t want to deal with Ralphie the perv mechanic but when she tries to leave, the Camaro won’t start. She’s uneasy about it and it shows but this should NOT have a horror movie feel….she knows Ralphie is harmless, just a little perv.

Camera Angles, Action
After the very first part, the video will be filmed from the backseat and from the passenger seat. From both spots, the camera angles should capture her full body but also close-ups on her legs focusing on her bouncing thigh. As usual, I would not want any feet close-ups. Please be sure the seat is adjusted so she can comfortably reach the pedals without stretching.

The Camaro should be rigged not to start at all. Jane should begin with normal length cranks but as the video goes along and it becomes apparent it doesn’t want to start, she should hold the key longer and longer and pump it harder and faster, with some flooring and holding mixed in. She is not scared, but is a little nervous and just wants to get out of there, so she tries very quickly over and over again with no real pauses in between cranking attempts. Jane is a great pumper so she can just do her thing with full leg pumping (no ankle pumping) and some holding to the floor mixed in. I have some dialogue in here but I don’t expect her to memorize it, just so we get a feel for what is happening.

The car should be parked down by the garage / carport area, maybe behind one of the other cars in the fleet and the driver’s side window should be down. As filming begins, Jane is standing outside the Camaro looking around. She is grateful Ralphie isn’t there, but she doesn’t see her boyfriend’s car yet and is a little annoyed. She tries calling him and it goes straight to voice mail. She then texts him. The camera fades out as she is still standing there waiting (this is just to save time so you aren’t filming her just standing around; it should feel like she’s been there for a bit).

The camera fades back in, now filming from the backseat, looking between the seats. Jane is looking at her watch, still a little annoyed but now also a little nervous. She calls her boyfriend again and this time leaves a message saying something like: “Hey where are you? I’ve been here for awhile. Thankfully Ralphie is not here but I don’t want to wait any longer. I’m going to head towards your house. Call me back.”

She hangs up and tries to start the car and it doesn’t want to cooperate. She tries over and over pumping the pedal, holding it down, pumping some more. She gets more urgent as she goes because she doesn’t want to be stranded there at Ralphie’s by herself. She is urgently trying to get it started, cranking it over for long periods sometimes and pumping it rapidly, sometimes holding it firmly to the floor. The camera is getting full body and several close-up shots of her bouncing thigh.

About halfway through the video, she stops and tries to call her boyfriend again. Once more it goes to voicemail but she doesn’t leave a message. The camera fades out (this is just to move to the front seat).

The camera fades back in filming from the passenger seat as Jane begins trying to start the car again with more desperate cranking and pumping and holding. She is really pumping it and staying on the starter as she doesn’t want to deal with Ralphie and just wants to get out of there. The camera is still getting full body shots and leg close-ups of her bouncing thigh. After one last, long, desperate crank with lots of pumping and flooring, she sees her boyfriend pulling up. A little mad but mainly relieved, she quickly climbs out of the car. The camera fades as she is asking where he’s been but telling him she’s so glad he’s there.

Length: 5:55

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 496 MB


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