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1412 – Jane Domino Late for Work Crank & Drain in the Monte


Outfit & Shoes
Jane should wear that super-short leather mini skirt she wore most recently in the “Driving the Dying BMW” video or any short skirt She should be bare legged and wearing some sexy pumps as long as she can pump the gas easily and walk in them OK. Her top should be appropriate for the skirt.

Jane is late for work as a restaurant hostess. She hurries to her car (the Monte) and tries desperately but can’t get it started so she calls someone (unseen) for help but it still won’t start.
Camera Angles, Action
The first part of the video will be filmed from the backseat with the camera getting full body shots with some close-ups on her legs focusing on her bouncing thigh. As usual, I would not want any feet close-ups. For the second part I would love the camera to be mounted where it was for both of the “Great Flood” videos and the more recent custom you did for me where we see her face and body but also as much of her thighs as possible.

Please move the seat up as close to the steering wheel as possible but where she can still get in and out easily and pump the pedal normally.

The Monte should be rigged not to start at all. Jane should start out with normal length cranks and she doesn’t even pump the gas the first 2 tries because she is expecting the car to start up. As the video goes along and it becomes apparent it doesn’t want to start, she should hold the key longer and longer and pump it harder and faster, with some flooring and holding mixed in, getting more worried as she is already late for work. She is very upset and worried about getting fired so with that she can just ad lib most of the dialogue so we get a feel for what is happening.

Jane is a great pumper so she can just do her thing with full leg pumping (no ankle pumping) and some holding to the floor mixed in. She should try very quickly over and over again with no real pauses in between cranking attempts as she is running very late.

Filming begins from the backseat showing Jane hurrying to the car, practically running, carrying her purse, with keys in hand, worried look on her face. She gets in quickly and slings her purse in the passenger seat. She tries to start the car. Expecting the car to start, she doesn’t pump the gas. She tries quickly again with no luck. One the 3rd try, she starts pumping the gas. As she goes along during this first segment, she keeps pumping the gas harder and faster and holding it to the floor as her desperation grows. She holds the key for longer and longer periods of time. She is really in a hurry so the attempts should come very quickly with no pauses in between. The camera is getting full body shots but also close-ups of her bouncing thigh. When she realizes it isn’t going to start, she calls a friend to come help her, asking him to please hurry. She gets out of the car as the camera fades.

For the second segment, the camera should now be mounted like it was for both “Great Flood” videos and the recent “son pick-up” custom you did for me. Filming begins again as she is standing just outside the car, door open, thanking her friend for coming so quickly. She then gets back in the car, and leaving the door open, starts trying over and over again, rapidly pumping the gas, holding it down, cranking it over and over and pumping it more. She cranks for many seconds each time. As she is trying, she acts like she is listening to her friend’s instructions; maybe leaning her head out, nodding and/or occasionally repeating what he is saying (“Pump it?” “Hold it down?” – something like that), like she did in the “Great Flood” videos.

Realizing it isn’t going to start, she asks her friend: “Can you just give me a ride?”. The camera fades as she gets out of the car.

Length: 4:39

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 394 MB


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