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1423 – Jane Domino Struggling To Keep the Monte Running in Pantyhose & Slides


Outfit & Shoes
Sexy dress, nude hose, and slides from the model closet

Jane is off to run some errands. She gets in her car, and it takes a few attempts to get started. She heads on down the road, and the car dies a few times on the way. She pulls into one of her favorite fast food drive throughs and after placing her order the car dies, but it appears the car has flooded out. Jane starts cranking and pumping over and over, but it is not starting. Jane keeps trying, and after several attempts she gets the car started and proceeds to get her food. The car dies again, and Jane is not having this today. She starts cranking and pumping over and over, and eventually gets the car to restart. Jane gets her food and heads on down the run.

Angels: over the shoulder and passenger side

Length: 35:02

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 2.46 GB


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