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0043 – Raven Cranking the Cadillac Fleetwood Teasing You in Tall Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Short denim skirt, black leather thigh high boots with a stiletto heel.

Please have Raven pretend she’s taking me to a concert and have a hard time starting her old Cadillac. The more she has trouble with the car she notices that I’m enjoying it and sees me watching her. I want her to constantly talk throughout the video. Have her tease me the whole video, seeing that I’m enjoying watching her crank the car and she’s fine with that. She can rub her legs, pump the gas pedal between the cranking segments and be as sexy as she wants.

Have her start out with her foot on the brake pedal when cranking it the first few times then she starts pumping the gas a little more as the car refuses to start. She’s confused why the car won’t start and talks to me about it. As she keeps trying she start pumping harder and using more full leg. I want her to really beg the car and pump it hard later in the video because she is wanting the car to start very badly but she’s also see how I’m getting more excited the more she gets into.

Video ends with car not starting and she tells me that maybe she wasn’t the right baby for the car and gets out.

Script Ideas:
I’m ready to go. Pink Floyd!” she says while getting in the car. She puts her right boot on the brake and  spins the car over for a few seconds but it doesn’t start.

Let’s give it just a second.” she sits back and gives the car a moment while talking about the band. She then reaches for the key again, spins it over and still no luck.

The car is not starting.” she says to herself, wondering what is wrong with it. She then moves her right boot to the gas, gives it a pump and then tries again. She’s pressing the brake pedal with her right boot but after a few seconds she moves to the gas pedal and starts pumping it but the car still won’t start.

You’re kinda paying attention to this, aren’t ya?” she says to you, smiling and noticing that you seem to have a keen interest in her trying to start this car. She tries it again, pumping it more this time. “This is kinda embarrassing.” she bashfully says.

I hope I’m not flooding the engine, that would not be good.” she tries again, now with her foot already on the gas pedal and starts pumping it but she doesn’t hold it too long since the battery is getting weak, fast!

Do you think I’m going to flood the engine like this? Oh, I am, huh? I’m here trying to pump the pedal here and crank this car up and you’re just kinda lookin at me now. Am I going to flood this baby? Oh, you’re no help.” she’s starting to catch on that you’re enjoying her pumping the gas pedal to try and get her car to start. That’s okay, she’s kinda enjoying it too…seeing how you’re getting into and all.

She continues cranking the car till the battery dies and gets you to change it out for her. She does a lot of teasing dialogue talking about pumping the gas pedal with her long legs. When she goes to start the car with the new battery, she starts pumping faster because she feels like she has to keep up.

Pump it. Pump it. Pump it! Come on car, I love you. Love me back!” she talks to the car, hoping some sweet talking will help get the car to start. Unfortunately, the car doesn’t respond in kind. She’s getting hot and teases about taking off her top. She’s starting to play with you a little more in between her attempts to get the car to start.

Come on baby! Come on baby! Come on baby, turn over for me. I’m so ready for you to turnover. Oh, come on, I’m ready for you to turnover and take me away!” she has a whole conversation with the car as she holds the key for a long time with a lot of pumping. Not even a sputter from the engine. She gives the car a break and talks about not wanting to kill the battery before she starts pumping the gas pedal a bunch before trying the car again. She’s doing long hard full leg pumps of the gas pedal while begging the car to start, almost stomping it.

I don’t want to break the pedal.” she says, somewhat laughing like she wouldn’t care if she did.

The video ends with her not being able to start the car.

Length: 22:29

Resolution: 854x480

File Size: 240 MB


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