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1375 (HD-WMV) – Vivian Ireene Pierce in “Silence of the Reporter”


Outfit & Shoes
Tight sweater, skinny jeans, tan pantyhose, high heel toe cleavage pumps.

Vivian is a news reporter who has stumbled onto a mystery that someone doesn’t want solved so as she getting ready to leave someone cuts her brake line. Vivian with her hair up and wearing regular glasses gets in her car and drives off leaving brake fluid behind. As she drives her brakes fail. After ALOT of brake pumping eventually she gets her car stopped. She gets out to see brake fluid and wonder how it happened. She gets back in the car calling for help explaining her situation pumping the brake pedal the entire time. She then waits pumping the brake pedal trying to figure out who cut her brake line.

Length: 11:18

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 479 MB


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