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1372 (HD-MP4) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Brake Failure in the Jeep


Outfit & Shoes
White or light colored collared shirt with dark leather jacket and black dress pants. Pants tucked into black leather thigh high stiletto boots.

The video starts with Vivian getting into the jeep, driving away as she says to herself that the car has been parked for long time and will need the mechanics to look at it over. After a few moments Vivian needs to slow down for the curve, so she pressed on the brakes only to realize it’s not working. Panicked, Vivian is desperate and we hear her talk: “please slow down” and “Oh I should not have driven this car when the worn brakes are shot!”. As she says these, the footwell camera angle switches between views from passenger, from Vivian top to bottom, and from driver’s side door showing her booted foot frantically pumping the brake pedal to avail. Occasionally the camera also shows the road ahead with the jeep not stopping or slowing.
Then Vivian, viewed from passenger seat, says “let’s try the e-brake” and sees the boots step hard on the e-brake, only for Vivian to scream that “the e-brake is also shot! what am I going to do?”. We then continue see a mixture of Vivian pumping the brake pedals and her upper body bouncing from the repeated pumpings until the end when she yelled “OMG I THINK I AM GOING TO CRASH!” HELP!”

Length: 10:59

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 813 MB


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