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1429 (SD-MP4) – Vivian Caddy Cranking in Heels & Hose for Date with Jimmie


Outfit & Shoes
Blue suit jacket, red blouse, shiny black peep toe heels, tan pantyhose reinforced toe

VIP is going on a date with her neighbor JIMMIE who has been there for her so so many times
She wants to look great for him also

The video starts she is sitting on the side of the bed sending him a text saying she will be there in 25 minutes
She sends the text and then grabs her shoes and puts them on.   Video stops

We see her high stepping to the caddy
She gets in and looks in the mirror to check her makeup and lipstick and see how beautiful she is
She takes out her keys starts pumping the gas pedal twists the key and no catch
She tries again no catch
Now it’s the cranking and pumping marathon
She calmly pleas with the motor to start but all she gets is the raspberries
After several attempts and pumping techniques she stops to think
She twirls her right foot a couple of times and tries again but no catch
She then slides off her heels rubs her feet together and tries again pumping in her stocking feet

The battery gets weary and spins slower and slower and finally she realizes it ain’t happening

She sits back and sulks and then picks up her phone to call Jimmie for help and as the p t p logo comes up we see her waiting for a answer

Full body of her sitting on side of bed with one foot under her other leg while texting and then when she puts her heels on
Full body of her high stepping to the car and getting in
Full body of her from passenger seat cranking and pumping and plenty of POV pumping in both shoes and stocking feet and one or two close ups of her hand twisting the key

Length: 8:18

Resolution: 640 x 360

File Size: 116 MB


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