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1445 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking the Mercedes Pantyhose & Green Pumps


Outfit & Shoes
Business suit with satin blouse and matching stiletto high heels. Closed toe, pointy pumps preferred. Tan sheer pantyhose and accessories like sunglasses, jewelry and purse.

Tell her this is a sexy secretary driving video but she has to get the car started first without killing the battery. You mentioned the Mercedes is a real stubborn car to get started so just let her do her business on the car and see what happens. I just want her natural reaction to the car not starting knowing that the video she’s doing needs the car to start. I’m not really specific on dialogue or anything, just want to see her fight with the old luxury car in some really tall stiletto pumps! I would like to have a couple of cameras in the car getting her feet and body while an outside shot getting her through the windshield looking confused and bouncing. If she gets the car started, have her rev it and pull away and fade out the video. If the car doesn’t start for whatever reason, have her get out in frustration thinking she messed the custom up when she really just did it without knowing!

Length: 12:36

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.07 GB


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