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1409 – Vivian Has to Pick Up Little Billy but Her Car Won’t Start


Outfit & Shoes
Long Skirt, knee high boots and any blouse to go with outfit.

Part 1 (1 minute)

Vivian needs to pick up Billy from school. The scene starts with Vivian inside the house seating somewhere while having her legs crossed and talking to the school over the phone. She is explaining to Billy’s teacher that the car takes a very long time to start and may be late to pick up Billy. She gets up and exits the house. Then, the camera fades.

Part 2 (2 minutes):

This part starts with the Neighbour (the camera) opening the door to go outside. When he is outside, he catches the sound of an engine trying to start, but not quite managing. The noise seems to be the sound of a weak battery. He cannot find the car, so he looks around and sees a car from a far distance. He gets closer to see what’s going on and finds out that Vivian is the one who is struggling to start the car. It seems that the jeep does not want to start. She is cranking but the battery is sounding weak. She is bouncing while cranking. The Neighbor gets closer to the back of the car and watches Vivian from that angle.

Part 3 (1 minute)

The neighbor walks to the front of the car where we can see Vivian’s face from the windshield window from a few meters away. (Vivian also closes the driver door). It seems that the battery is not doing well. Vivian is looking at the neighbor who is staring at her, then she makes some face gestures such as moving her head right to left a few times (like a gesture of saying “No” or “the car won’t start”). Then, after a few seconds, the neighbor gets closer to the windshield window, then vivian smiles and looks at him. Then, she sticks her head out of the window and tells the neighbor that it doesn’t want to start.

Part 4 (1 minute)

Vivian exits the car and goes to the front to open the hood so she can try to figure out what is going on. The neighbor sees her full body from behind until she goes back in the car. (The hood is still open)

Part 5 (2 minutes)

Vivian gets back in the car and the neighbor goes to the passenger door looking at Vivian (Passenger’s door window is open). Vivian holds the pedal all the way and cranks. The Jeep won’t start. She keeps trying and trying but it won’t start. The battery gets weaker and weaker. Vivian sees the neighbor and asks him if he can help her “I need to pick up Billy soon. Can you help me? I can get the car started”. The neightbor goes to the front of the car to check the hood. Vivian keeps trying and trying, then the neighbor sees Vivian showing the gesture of “No” while trying to start the car. Then, Vivian asks him “Should I pump more?”. Then Vivian pumps rapidly. We can hear the pumps in the background. She then starts bouncing while pumping. She cranks and cranks but it won’t start.

Part 6 (2 minutes)

The camera is now inside the car filming Vivan from the back seat. She keeps cranking and cranking but nothing is working. She starts to bounce while cranking but the battery is weak. Eventually, we can see Vivian’s face only from the rear mirror. She keeps cranking and cranking.

Part 7 (1 minute)

Now the camera is outside again looking at Vivian from the passenger’s window. Vivian puts her head on the steering wheel and looking at the camera while cranking. She seems to be exhausted of cranking. While she is in that position, she pumps a little bit and cranks but the Jeep won’t start. But she knows that this is a normal routine during cold weather so she is taking her time to start the car. At the end the car never started.

Length: 10:12

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 848 MB


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