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1425 – Vivian Ireene Pierce’s Mechanic Didn’t Fix Her Camaro


Outfit & Shoes
I would like Vivian to use some make up including earrings and red lips. Her outfit should be her orange/brown sweater, skirt, black boots with socks showing just above the top of the boots.

Part 1 (1 minute)

Vivian has been experiencing car troubles lately, prompting a mechanic to visit her house to address the issues. However, Vivian fell asleep, and she is unaware whether the mechanic successfully fixed her car. The next morning, she prepares to leave her house, uncertain about the state of her vehicle.

The scene starts here:

Vivian is inside the house; she grabbed her phone anxiously. On the other end of the line is the mechanic she had entrusted with the task of fixing her beloved car. With a deep breath, she inquired, “Hey, did you manage to get the car repaired before you left?

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat, and she couldn’t help but utter, “So, you mean the car might not start?” After a moment of contemplation, Vivian responded with a determined resolve, “Alright, I’ll give it a shot.

Then, she exits the house. Then, the camera pauses.

Camera angle: Vivian is inside her house, standing and positioned near either the kitchen or living room. She holds her cellphone, engaged in a conversation with a mechanic about her car troubles. The camera captures her entire body during this conversation.

Part 2 (3 minutes)

The camera begins filming from the exterior of the car, positioned slightly to the left. Vivian is already inside the car. In the frame, we can clearly see the driver’s side door (The driver’s door is closed all the time), though it’s at a moderate distance. Vivian is already in the process of trying to start the car, and as she does, we can hear the distinct sound of her pumping the gas pedal while cranking.

The car battery is weak, but Vivian keeps trying. Then, after a minute, the camera angle changes as we move to a view behind the car. Vivian keeps cranking, pumping and bouncing.

Now, after another minute, the camera shifts to the front of the car, positioning itself behind the windshield. From this angle, it captures Vivian as she continues her determined attempts to start the car. Despite her repeated efforts, the car refuses to start. Vivian’s wide-open eyes, dropped jaw, and startled expression are clearly visible when the car is failing to start.

Part 3 (1 minute)

After the previous part, the camera pauses briefly before shifting its perspective inside the car from the passenger’s seat. It focuses solely on Vivian’s right leg, capturing her determined pumping and cranking actions. Her leg moves up and down repeatedly while pumping the gas pedal. The camera’s view only centers on her boot and bare skin (between her boot and skirt) and we can also see her hand as she turns the key. The determined efforts to start the car are evident.

Camera Angle: The camera’s view is positioned within the car from the passenger’s seat, concentrating on Vivian’s right leg, her boot, and her hand as she pumps and cranks.

Part 4 (1 minute)

Now, the camera is positioned in the back seat of Vivian’s car, providing an intimate view of the interior. Vivian, despite the weakening car battery, continues her relentless efforts to start the car. She cranks, pumps, and bounces in her seat, refusing to give up.

The camera captures her bare-skin between her boot and skirt, highlighting her unyielding determination.

Part 5 (1 minute)

The camera momentarily pauses before shifting its perspective to the top of Vivian’s left shoulder. Vivian, displaying unwavering determination, continues to crank the car, but it stubbornly refuses to start. In an act of resolve, she opens the driver’s door, uses her right leg to press the gas pedal, and places her left boot strategically between the door and the entrance edge.

Camera Angle: The camera is situated above Vivian’s left shoulder, providing a close view of her determined actions. It captures her as she cranks the car, opens the driver’s door, uses her right leg to press the gas pedal, and positions her left boot between the door and the entrance edge.

Part 6 (1 minute)

Vivian’s persistent attempts to start the car continue as she cranks the engine relentlessly. However, the car remains unresponsive. The battery is getting weaker. The camera shifts to the passenger seat, capturing Vivian as she places her right leg on top of the passenger seat while cranking. During her determined efforts, she starts scratching her bare skin between her boot and skirt. After a minute, the camera pauses.

Camera Angle: The camera is shooting from the passenger seat, offering a clear view of Vivian’s actions. It captures her as she cranks the car and places her right leg on top of the passenger seat. Additionally, it highlights her scratching her bare skin a few times between her boot and skirt.

Part 7 (2 minutes)

A neighbour exits the house and approaches Vivian as she continues to crank the car, attempting to start it. The camera is positioned outside, capturing Vivian from the driver’s door area. Vivian is seen crossing her legs outside the car while repeatedly turning the key, but the car remains unresponsive.

As her daughter approaches, Vivian remarks, “I need a new car.” Despite the car troubles, Vivian tells the neighbour about planning to wake up earlier during the upcoming winter to ensure she has enough time to start the car due to the expected cold weather.

Camera Angle: The camera captures Vivian as she cranks the car while crossing her legs outside the driver’s door.

Length: 9:43

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 703 MB


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