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1451 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Cranking the Camaro in Two-Toned Leather Riding Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Ribbed black leather jacket, her two-toned black and brown leather driving gloves, a pair of tight jeans, a low cut black blouse and two-toned leather riding boots

Vivian is wearing this leather outfit and feeling like a sexy badass. Video starts out with a walking scene from behind full body. She walks to the cars and leans up against one with the keys to the Camaro in her hands. She taps her right boot on the ground like it’s the pumping motion and a slow pan up her body reveals her sly smile on her face. She teases with the tapping like a prelude to what is about to happen.

Cut to a closeup of her face where she shakes the keys and says Lets go play then she gets into the Camaro. Start filming from the drivers side near the front tire looking through the A-pillar and door of the car. She keeps her left leg out to see her thighs bouncing while she pumps the pedal. She thinks the car is out of gas and sometimes holds the pedal to the floor. She also tries priming the carb by pumping it a bunch before turning the key.

Camera on drivers side still but is now near the rear tire looking into the car over her shoulder. She keeps trying it with her left leg still out but the battery is getting weaker and car still isn’t started yet.

Have a scene where she gets out of the car to look under the hood for a great ass shot in her tight jeans!!

When the car doesn’t start or battery dies, she gives up and gets out.

Length: 10:07

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 703 MB


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