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1363 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Pantyhose, Heels & Barefoot Cranking the Jeep


Outfit & Shoes
Leggs sheer energy sheer to waist suntan pantyhose with sandal foot toes
skirt worn in custom video #411
Vivian’s black strappy high heel sandals if she brings them with her or another pair of black pair high heel sandals no platforms and a pair of flat shoes

I am Vivian’s boy friend and we are getting ready to leave the house to go on a date, but Vivian cannot find the shoes she wants to wear so she just puts on a pair flat shoes to walk to the car. While Vivian was looking for her shoes, I decided to sneak outside to flood out her car to make impossible for her to get started. Once Vivian gets to her car she finds the shoes she wanted to wear so she changes into them shoes.
Now that Vivian is ready to leave she tries to start her car but it will not start. Vivian tries to start her car the first six times by pumping the gas pedal but the car refuses to start. Now Vivian is worried that she flooded the car so just holds the gas pedal to the floor the next five time the car still refuses to start. Now Vivian’s feet are tired so she decides to take her shoes off to try to start her car in her barefeet.

I would like the video shot from the passenger seat just as if I was with Vivian in her car get a mixture of full body shots and foot well shots

Length: 6:38

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 518 MB


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