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1377 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Flooring the Jeep Trying to Lose Tail


Outfit & Shoes
Color: black or brown or navy
Shoe: peep toe Slingback or peep toe pump
Shoes should not be platform heels. Nice soft leather well fitting
Bare feet
Pants that allow hole foot to be seen or skirt bare legs

Comes out pumps pedal holds it all the way to floor when turning the key. Nice close up of whole foot from passenger side. This happens a couple times then it starts and you rev it glad it starts. Off driving thinking you may be getting followed. You look in mirror then punch the gas pedal to floor( real nice close of foot in action). The follower catches up. You look in mirror. Say to your self I had this floored as fast as it will go. You punch it again as if you are running through a yellow light. You make it safety. All lots of close up especially when working the pedal and the brakes.

Length: 9:21

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 723 MB


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