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1327 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Going to Picnic Tease in Black Leather Boots


Outfit & Shoes
Tank top showing off her wonderful chest, tight jeans with holes and tall black leather boots. Something without a stiletto heel to fit with the outdoor theme.

Vivian is my girlfriend and we have been invited to an outdoor picnic. She knows I can’t contain myself when she wears her sexy boots and drives her big Cadillac around. She decides this will be a great way to torment me! I like when she calls me nice things like sweetheart and baby. I don’t want much dialogue from you but there can be some to make me feel like I’m there with my girlfriend. So have fun with it and just let it happen naturally.

I want various scenes of what an afternoon going to a picnic would be like. I want some driving there with her being sweet and if you stop to get food for picnic have Vivian stay in car and record a message about flooding the car out and cranking it. This would be a tease for when I watch video later I will have a little surprise. When we get back driving again and if car can not start right away that would be great. However much Vivian wants to tease and play with me. When she drive she floors the car as much as can and then revs it in between the gears. She loves hearing that engine!

As you drive around finding place have car stall on her and her get nervous when cranking car. She can make the car stall however she wants because it’s okay that I know she’s teasing. It’s a show for me to keep me rock hard and she knows what that means for her later!

We finally arrive to place and she teases me before getting out of car by pumping gas pedal. I watch because I can’t take my eyes off of her and she just keeps pumping. After a while more of teasing she says let’s go and gets out of the car.

Video fade back in and we’re getting in the car and Vivian is asking why are we leaving so early? She smiles at me as she sees my issue. She puts key in ignition and pumps gas pedal to start car and it’s really hard to start. She cranks it and begs it to start to tease me more. When it starts have her rev it up by looking out the door to the back of the car. From here, let car die as backing out of parking spot and it is hard to start again. This can now be a bad spot where car is not starting. She begs it a lot and looks at me while begging car. This goes on for a while before she gets car started and drives us home. When she park car she looks at me and asks if I am ready to go inside?

Mostly a driving video with revving mixed in, a stop at the gas station where she tells the camera a pedal pumping story, more driving and then a flooded/stalling cranking segment at the end.

Length: 29:33

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 3.30 GB


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