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1435 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Damp Morning Struggle in the ’72 Super Beetle


Outfit & Shoes
Vivian wears a a tight, sexy, short black dress, much skin showing, i see much skin, she wears her hair first open and later she puts up her hair to a ponytail, she has make up in her face, red lips, she wears no sunglasses, i see her face and body, foot-room, her toenails are red polished, she wears these black rubber boots with different colored points on them, the boots from your shoe store, she wears white, transparent hold up stockings, Vivian speaks to the car: C’mon start for me, i have to go to the Festival, c’mon, … she acts very natural, realistic, she knows how to gas pedal pump that beetle,I hope she can wear that outfit in November. I put cranking in the mask above but is also a driving, cranking, gear grinding clip

Vivian is ready to go to an outdoor festival. She is dressed in her sexy mini dress, i see a lot of skin from her, a good deep skin. I see how she puts her white, transparent hold up stockings on her bare legs. Her hair is open. After she wears the white, transparent hold up stockings, she puts her up to a ponytail for the rest of the video.
She walks with her white, transparent hold up stockings to the beetle she walks bare feet in these stockings, It rained all night and on the next day the air is humid and outside it is wet, She will take her rubber boots because the outdoor festival will be muddy and wet. The black rubber boots are not in the house, they are in the beetle. The beetle is a bit away from the house, so she has to walk to the beetle. She walks to the bug in these white, transparent hold up stockings bare feet in them, and fully dressed in the house first and to get to the beetle then outside the house, When she walks to the beetle her nylon covered feet are first dry in the stockings, Vivian must walk through grass, a path, it is wet, therefore she can put the nylon covered bare feet first dry in a puddle of water, a bucket, or she walks through wet grass. The nylon covered feet are wet all over, til the ankle and dripping of water.
She walks with these nylon covered feet, wet to the beetle , takes place at he drivers seat take the rubber boots and puts the rubber boots on her soaked, wet, water dripping feet, she can go out of a water bucket or something and slips with her nylon covered wet feet into the dry rubber boots, i see that she puts all on outside the drivers side. That is important. When she slips into the rubber boots with her dripping nylon covered feet, i see the rubber boots, especially the rubbed outsole.

After that Vivian starts the bug, she plops into the drivers side and starts the bug first with a couple of priming the gas , she stomps to the gas pedal in her rubber boots with wet nylon covered feet inside, that part nylon stockings i see out coming from the boots is dry. Then she starts it, the bug giving her problems, coughing, spluttering all the time, during the video. She tries to pump it to life, sometimes the bug is very close. Then stalls, conks out on her, sometimes it catches very bad, rough, the bug chugs, sometimes she can give it gas and revvs high and then the bug stalls on her, She presses the rubber boot on the gas pedal in the rubber boot it is wet, soaked, sweaty and she holds the pedal to the floor when the bug comes close to starting, when it comes to life, very bad she pumps aggressive to keep it alive. She pumps, the engine reacts, spluttering, conking out, this is important during the video. No long breaks , cranking again and again.

After a while Vivian feels uncomfortable in the rubber boots with the wet nylon covered feet. She opens the drivers door, take the boots of with difficulties, while wet , tight, sweaty soaked. Then She takes of her White transparent hold up stockings from her legs, is see that process, she stands up on the drivers door.

After taking the nylon s from her legs, at the feet soaked, and sweaty, she massages her feet shortly and goes bare feet int o the rubber boots which are sweaty, soaked, wet at the foot room inside. She puts the boots on with splash, wroom, because it is wet inside.

After that change into rubber boots and bare feet all the struggle with the bug begins like in the first part with nylons on. Vivian grabs the steering wheel , bounces in the seat, very realistic, she pleads with that car, tries to pump the weak engine to life, sometimes close to starting, like in the first part. Vivian is very realistic in the video, a real scenario, real emotions from Vivian, after struggling very bad with that bug, at one point the bug catches, stalls, catches, she holds the gas pedal to the floor, the but splutters, spits and she revv it very high on high rpms, long, she clears all the primed gasoline out of the carburetor, the temperature inside the bug is hot because of her action and also the temp. of the engine is hot, so Vivian goes barefoot in these rubber boots out and opens the hood to the motor, she opens and it stinks , hot airs are coming out, she takes her hand and is going to put fresh air int her nose, face.

After that she close the hood , walks back int to the drivers position. She wants to drive, first gear driving, a lot of gas she is giving to avoid stalling, gear grinding a couple of times, i hear that. The bug stalls when she must stop to hit the main road, little driving, i see her driving with that boos bare feet in them, she works the pedals. gas pedal giving gas, then the bug conks out, Vivian is holding the gas pedal to the floor even more to get fuel into the engine but it shows signs of life weaker and weaker. I hear that. Stalling, she is not waiting and immediately she tries to start, some attempts, spluttering, coughing, wanting to catch, turning over, dies on her, Vivian is aggressive, i see that, at one point she manages to drive away with lot of gas, high rpm, i hear that from inside, she drives away. Then the story ends.

When she returns home, please show me how Vivian is coming out of the bug, she drive to a parking lot and makes some revving while parking to keep the engine alive, then she turns the bug off and goes outside the bug, she stands at the bug and take off her rubber boots, her feet are bare feet in them and sweating, wet, she has problems to take em off because all is sweating and tight on her feet, bare feet, She can drive away with full gas and parks the beetle immediately, so Vivian can do that scene very close to the main part of this video, so her feet are really , sweating, wet, soaked all over in the rubber boots barefoot in them. I wanna see that. So Vivian has the rubber boots on, first in nylon, wet, soaked, sweaty then barefoot wet, soaked, sweaty i and during all that she is all the time in that rubber boots, so sweat is there, this is important, so i will see the water dripping scenes and later bare foot that is wet, dripping maybe. That’s it. Excuse my writing . My Laptop is crazy with the writing you know, man mistakes, but the story is clear.

Length: 29:21

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.80 GB


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