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1447 (Alt) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Takes Little Billy to Help Start & Get Car Unstuck


Outfit & Shoes
Sexy form fitting short dress, denim jacket and yellow high heel pumps

Vivian is my mommy again and she likes to bring me along to watch her struggle with her old cars. Opening scene filmed from Billy’s perspective sitting on the couch hanging out when Vivian comes in and sees me. She gets excited and says ‘There you are!’ and sits next to me real close with her legs crossed towards me. She tells me about how she ran out of gas the day before and left the car in the yard. Now dad is out there filling it up so she can try and get it started and moved. She asks me if I want to come and watch. Of course I agree and she takes my hand and walks me out to the car.

Filming in the car should be from 2 cameras: 1 being on the passenger side of the dash area getting most of her body and 1 being on her feet from the passenger side close up.

She tells me she might be stuck seeing as the ground was muddy when she walked to the car. She winks at me knowing I love watching her struggle when the car is stuck in the mud. The car is hard to start and she begs it a lot while talking to Billy to reassure him as well as make sure he’s enjoying himself. When the car is running she can rev it for a while before trying to move the car.

You can position the car however works best to where it’s slick and hard to move. I know you said it’s running really rough right now but I am okay with that. I like the stalling and rough running cars because it’s a real challenge for the models. You could tell her that it’s just a cranking and moving the car video without her knowing I want the stuck action too. Just let her do her thing and see what she does.

If the Bug is running so bad that it won’t drive at all, let her try for a while and then just have her end it any way she wants after about 15-20 minutes.

Length: 21:57

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.86 GB


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