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1352 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Revving the Camaro in Hose & Heels


Outfit & Shoes
White blouse, black business skirt, sheer pantyhose and white sandals

Please create the scenario almost exactly like the scenario from PTP 1309 – Jane Domino Sexy Sneaky Revving the Z28 in Sheer Hose & Wedge Sandals – Custom 1309 .
Please make the plot basically the same, however as she is walking toward the car, she is more sneaky about what she is going to do. She is saying she is on a mission to move the car but deep down she knows she is going to rev it hard.
I purposely parked the Camaro all the way here so I can rev the hell out of it and nobody will know ” (Giggling to herself because she knows she is going to rev the hell out of it).
When she first gets in the car she makes a quick phone call to the mother of a family friend to tell her that she saw her son smoking cigarettes on her way to work. She says “I don’t like to be a tattle tale but I saw your son smoking on my way to work”. Vivian then starts the car, warms it up, revs for a bit, turns the camera on her beautiful face so we can see her while she is revving, then makes the decision to move the car a “SMIDGE” and then revs again, building up to some very hard aggressive and even vicious revving. Please have Vivian rev as aggressively as Britney did in Britney_mixed_77camaro_whitedressotkboots from the 9:45 point (constant vicious revving) Please do most of the revving with the door closed just as it was done in the video I referenced.

Length: 5:16

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 369 MB


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