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  • We’re back to the lovely sisters on their separate ways to work.  Christal ends up having some car trouble with the Bug.  It stalls on her as she’s trying to maneuver around traffic.  She has to take a bit to get it started again because that Bug loves to flood….

  • Christal and Gianna are leaving for work at the same time this morning.  Each lady is wearing some super sexy stiletto pumps with skirt a sexy blouse.  Christal gets in her old Bug while Gianna hops in her Volvo.  Both of them have some troubles starting their cars as we….

  • Tiffany Taking Hubby’s Car – #71
    Starring - July 30th, 2009

    This custom is of Tiffany having to drive her husband’s car for the day.  She is NOT thrilled about it at all!  She knows it’s a piece of crap and never wants to start for her.  So she’s not a happy camper from the get-go and with the Coronet behaving….

  • Tiffany does 3 1/2 minutes of revving in her stiletto ankle-strap pumps in the Coronet.  The camera gets lots of footwell shots, some upper body shots, and some exhaust shots.  Then she slides her right pump off and does some barefoot revving for the remainder of the video.

  • Kristen hops into the Coronet barefoot and gives it a few quick tries.  When it doesn’t start, she takes a moment to put on her red & beige strappy wedge sandals.  Then she goes at it again.  She finally gets to Coronet to start up, so she revs a good….

  • Jeanell is so excited because a guy she’s been eyeballing has finally asked her out!  Dressed and ready for her date, she rushes out to her vehicle, messes with her hair, and tries to crank the car.  Looks like this date wasn’t meant to be . . . she tries….

  • Jeanell’s body rocks back and forth as she revs the hell out of the Coronet.  She does lots of quick hard stabs on the gas, and the camera gets lots of different angles: footwell, full body, head shots, exhaust shots, leaves being moved by the force of the exhaust, and….

  • Dressed in this hot outfit complete with a sexy pair of black open-toe stilettos, Breathless gives it a shot in the Torino.  She glances around to make sure no one is watching from a distance, laughing at her misfortune as she pumps the gas in hopes of getting it started.