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  • She films herself walking out to the Volvo and starting it up. She’s wearing a black top, short cutoff shorts and black biker boots. She gets the Volvo started and parks it off the driveway. Now she has to park the old Cadillac Coupe Deville right next to it. She….

  • She’s carrying the box of new shoes that a fan sent in as she walks to the Bus in her rain boots.  She gets in and changes into these sexy white-n-pink peep-toe wedge sandals.  She’s wearing tan pantyhose under jeans and you watch her slip them on and tighten the….

  • Hana Gets Gas in the Volvo – #197b
    Starring - September 27th, 2013

    Hana has some trouble getting the Volvo to fire up so she can run down the street to get some gas.  She’s wearing platform flip flops and some cute khaki shorts for this little adventure.  She thinks she flooded it early on and looks at you to say, “Oops!” and….

  • Reese Struggling to Move the Coronet, 3 of 3
    Starring - September 7th, 2013

    Reese is still having difficulties moving the Coronet.  It’s a tight squeeze to back up this huge car between the house and other cars parked around the yard.  With the Coronet constantly stalling out on her, it keeps her on her toes.  She does manage to make it around the….

  • Some great footage happens when the shoot is technically over.  Sugarmomma is moving the cars back to their spots and I’m filming her, you know, in case something worth filming happens. 🙂  Sure enough, after parking the Coronet without much trouble, she gets in the Camaro to move it and….

  • Miley and Riley both hop into the 1961 Cadillac to take it for a drive.  Miley manages to maneuver the big car through the yard and onto the road.  Once on the road, they cruise around for a bit before swapping places.  The car dies twice when turning around and….

  • Donna Crank, Rev & Drive the Coronet, 2 of 3
    Starring - November 13th, 2008

    Today is a day in which the Coronet refuses to cooperate for guest model Donna, or thefootpalace.com and feetdesires.com.  It takes a while for her to keep the Coronet running as it stalls continuously, even while she’s driving.  Then it leaves her stranded on the side of a dirt road;….

  • Angel Tries to Avoid Getting Stuck
    Starring , - January 22nd, 2008

    Angel approaches a huge muddle puddle that she’s convinced she won’t get through.  She sits back, lights up a cigarette, and decides to back up.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work.  She still got her car stuck!

  • Amber is driving along a dirt road that she’s never been down before.  She’s being cautious, but that doesn’t stop the Marquis from getting stuck.  There are quite a few places she comes across where it takes a little effort to get out and keep going.

  • We were on our way with Lexi to the same spot where the Caprice and Big Blue met their doom, but about 100 yards down the pathway, it was blocked.  The only spot to turn around was a rocky, uphill spot.  This proved to be a difficult task for Lexi. ….