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  • She’s gotta get the old dirty Bug started to take it down the road to get a rinse off. She’s wearing a low-cut pink tshirt, black leather pants and white Reebok Princess sneakers. Lots of pumping that gas pedal, whether she’s stomping on it while driving or mashing it to….

  • Time to get some of that pollen off the car. Jamie hops in, gets the Camaro started and heads to the car wash. She gives it a good scrubbing and speeds home going the long way to try and get the car nice and dry before parking it again. She….

  • Damara Cranking the Camaro – #545
    Starring - October 10th, 2014

    This was a custom we filmed this past weekend while Damara was here.  She’s washing the Camaro because it has been sitting a bit under the trees and has gotten dirty.  She’s finishing up with the rinse as her time runs out on the pressure washer.  Once it cuts off,….