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  • While we had the old Cadillac at our disposal, Mandie had kept asking to rev it up.  She loved this old Caddy and when I finally told her that she could rev it, she could hardly wait!  She ran inside to change and came out with this sexy outfit!  She….

  • Rodeo Warming Up the Camaro
    Starring - September 13th, 2012

    Rodeo is dressed up and ready to go out on a date.  She wants to make sure her ride tonight is running good and has a nicely juiced up battery since it’s been sitting for a bit.  She warms up the Camaro while she does some primping in the rearview….

  • With the response Brooke and the Camaro have gotten lately, I figured I’d get another update up of both of these hotties! This is the first video we did with her.  I told her to find an outfit and come outside while I get the cameras set up.  She comes….

  • Scarlet Revving a ’68 Camaro
    Starring - May 15th, 2007

    My friend up in Maryland let me doing a little revving in his green ’68 Camaro while I was up there last year.  Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t super great, but the car sounds nice!!

  • Scarlet Driving a 1968 Camaro
    Starring - December 22nd, 2006

    This was my first time to really be in a much older car – a ’68 Camaro.  When Aylalee & I went to Maryland in June, a friend of mine up in the Baltimore area met up with us and let me drive his car.  Sorry for the video quality….

  • Stormy Gives Us the Grand Tour
    Starring - April 1st, 2005

    In this clip, stormy has a little trouble getting her 64 1/2 model Mustang started so she can show Shish and I around the area.  She revs it up after getting it started before we set out to see what’s in the area and where we can film some intriguing….