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  • You two are going out and she’s taking the Coronet. She’s wearing her shiny clogs that you find so hot and you can’t stop looking at them. She catches you checking out her foot pumping the gas while the car won’t start and wonders if this turns you on.

  • The video starts with a close-up shot of the sole of her right foot. You hear keys being fiddled with as she’s looking for the right key to the Monte Carlo. She slides her foot into her clog, walks to the car and gets in. She slides her left foot….

  • You knock on the door and she answers with that gorgeous smile. She asks if you’re ready to go to the store and then slips on her clogs. You both climb in the car and she tries to get it started. It’s just spinning over and not starting but she….

  • She steps out the door, slips on her brown clogs and enjoys the view for a moment. She then heads over to the Camaro to see if it’ll start but after a few tries, the battery is dead. She then hops in the Monte Carlo, which has a good battery….

  • She just pulled up in the Monte Carlo and is slipping on her blue Swedish clogs before seeing if she can get the old VW Bus started. She tries and tries and tries and tries but it’s not working…oh well, live to fight another day.

  • She comes out of the house wearing your favorite clogs! She loves how sexy they are as she sits in the Bug and tries getting it started. Lots of bouncing as she pumps the gas in those white nurse clogs you love so much! The car sputters, she bites her….

  • Ah, the work day is done, time to leave the clinic.  The girls are carpooling in the Jeep, Mandie is driving them home but the damn car won’t start.  Both girls take turns cranking the Jeep in their scrubs and clogs.  What a way to end the day…:(

  • Scarlet Cranking the Bug – #427
    Starring - June 18th, 2015

    Scarlet kills the battery trying to get the 72 Bug started in some blue Swedish clogs.  It’s chilly but she loves wearing these clogs.  She slips them on, walks to the Bug and before putting her feet on the pedals, she sits with her legs out to admire her shoes….

  • We get to watch the girls carpool today.  Mandie is driving to work in her white clogs.  The Jeep starts right up and she drives the few minutes to their clinic.  After work, Tinsley is going to drive home.  She ends up having more trouble starting the Jeep as well….

  • Reese Cranking the Monte Carlo – #387
    Starring - August 10th, 2014

    She’s heading in to the office but can’t get her car started.  She’s wearing her scrubs and Swedish clogs so she can get right to work when she arrives but it looks like she’s going to have to call in instead.  She’s stomping the gas to floor at the end….