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  • Ralphie, that old pervert mechanic was supposed to fix the car, not mess it up. While he’s checking under the hood, he snatches the coil wire off and starts eye-balling the girls in their semi-matching outfits. Cassandra keeps trying to start the car but she thinks he did something. Ralphie watches….

  • The Monte Carlo wouldn’t start because we had disabled it for a previous video and forgot all about it. So she’s trying to get the car started wearing a pink skirt, sheer hose and peep-toe platform pumps. She kicks her right show off late in the video to pump the….

  • The Scenario: You’re going to ride along with Vivian in the Jeep.  She has to run inside and while she’s out of sight, you pull the coil wire on the Jeep.  When she comes back out, she’s on the phone with her boss who asks her to stop by the….

  • You are outside with Tinsley as she walks to the Coronet and gets behind the wheel.  She tells you to come over.  You notice she is pumping the gas pedal, flooding the car out.  She says she wants to make it hard for Mandie to start.  After some pumping, she….

  • Tiffany is following someone and it’s lead her to this parking lot.  She sees her subject disappear around a corner and pursues on foot.  Not having any luck finding her target, she heads back to her car unaware that she is now the hunted.  When Tiffany realizes her car won’t….